GE Signa 3.0T HDXT

Approx Price:

Used GE Signa 3.0T HDXT
HDxt 16.0_1638a
Gradient Amplifier: 8916 HFD
Twinspeed SR80/SR150
LCC Magnet Wide open Enclosure
Resonance Module-TRM
Option Software- 

Echo Planar Imaging, Fast Gradient Echo, Cine, Fast Spin Echo & FlAIR, Time of Flight, Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging, Research, Research PSD, Spectroscopy/PROBE, SGD_Echospeed, DW EPI, FLAIR EPI, SPECIAL, Smart Prep, SSFSE, Three Plane Localizer, Modality Worklist, E3DTOF, FSE_XL, Blood sup, Fastcine, Tagging, Sgdperf, iDRIVE Pro, iDrive, SmartPrep 2000 Upgrade, Probe 2000 Upgrade, Fgret, iDrive Pro Plus, PROBE 3d Brain,  Ultrashort TR,  T2 Breathold, SSFSE MRCP, T1 Breathhold, ACGD PLUS, Fluro-triggered MRA, MRCP3, Fiesta 2D, Fiesta 3D, Delayed Enhancement, Asset, ProbePRESS, Diffusion Tensor, 3DFRESE, Asset Plus, TRICKS, FIESTA-c, BREAST2, Propeller DWI, 3D Delayed Enhancements, 3D Fat Sat FIESTA, Propeller T2, 16 Channel System, Lava, FiberTrak, FLAIR 3D, Multi-Phase(variable delays), Blood Flow and volume Measurement, T2MAP, 2D MERGE, LAVA-XV, BRAVO, Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy, HDx key, IDEAL, 3D Dual Echo, ARC, Cube T2, T2Star Weighted Angiography, Inhance 2D Inflow, Inhance 3D Inflow, Inhance 3D Inflow IR, LAVA-DE, Enhanced DWI, 3D ASL 


16 Channel Head Neck Spine(HNS) Array-ANT Adapter Unit

16 channel Head Neck Spine(HNS)-Neck-Chest unit

16-channel Head Neck Spine array-T/L Spine unit

HD 8 channel Vibrant Breast Array

8-channel HDMR Torso Array-Anterior

Mark III Phased Array Shoulder coil

Quad Head coil

GP Flexible coil